bored looking dog, caption 'Riveting' The really long meeting on Wednesday had almost nothing at all to do with anything that I was working on. Some of my co-workers’ stuff was discussed, but that was it. I felt a lot like this dog during the meeting. Also, over half my team was working from home on Wednesday, so our corner of the office was pretty empty.

So that left the usual Wednesday night trip to Steve’s. We had pasta, chicken, and Rock Band 2. I played the drums for an hour or so, which was a little frustrating as I’m still not very good at them. Adam was even worse than I was, though. He said, “I can’t play the drums because I’m extremely white,” which is true, but then again, I’m also extremely white. Nathan is also pretty white, but he can play almost all of the drum tracks on Expert and not fail. Practice has something to do with it—I would probably be much better on drums if I hadn’t spent most of my gaming time in the last month playing “Lego Star Wars II”.