black and white rabbits in yin-yang positionGet your tires rotated, your oil changed, and your bunnies balanced. Makes the whole universe run more smoothly, it does.

Work was fairly boring (again) but that can be a good thing. Brian called while I was on the bus home, and said that he’s trying to get a good price on a hotel via a travel agent. I thought the Net had mostly rendered travel agents obsolete, but I guess not. He also told an amusing story involving a friend of his who had had way too much to drink, and then assaulted an ATM with a plastic Halloween decoration.

Trivia: When it started, only Nathan, John, and I were there. We discussed Zach’s saying, “If I get stupid rich, I’m going to buy everyone a .50 rifle,” and wondered whether that was feasible or even something people would want. Everyone else finally showed up, so we were able to hash out a partial plan for the “Billy Mays as gigolo” short film. John came up with a truly horrible pun/movie reference involving the ShamWow pitchman, which I hope will get used. We decided that our team name next week should be something like “We’re LeVar Burton’s mother@#$%ers!” for some reason. Trevor still needs to install that Firewire card so that he can download that “Piranhas” video that features hand puppets. We were in 3rd place when I left, no telling how it all shook out. Darn this “having to get up early” thing.