Taurus Model 65 .357 Magnum revolverSunday, I took this revolver out to the range and fired it, using both .38 and .357 rounds. The trigger pull is pretty darn light when you pull the hammer back. It doesn’t really kick that much with .38. It feels like a good idea to use both hands when using .357, though. I also tried Zach’s target .22, which has a 12x scope on it—serious overkill for a .22, but what the heck. I didn’t try shooting at the metal plate at 300 yards, because I didn’t bring a whole lot of .357 with me. Next time. It was good to see that the revolver functioned as it should have, though.

Then we picked up some lunch, then went back to Zach’s house. We hung out with Zach’s wife and their dogs, ate, and talked about various things including stuff to do in Las Vegas that’s actually worth spending money on. Apparently it’s a good idea to get a day pass for the Deuce bus, which goes around a large part of the city, and there are some good restaurants downtown. The “Siren Show”, whatever that is, is also not worth the money. Zach and I played a new video game (N+) which has some interface/control problems, then an old-school video game (Streets of Rage II) which was similar to “Final Fight”.  Then noticed it was getting sort of late, so went home.