cat on Obama poster, caption 'yes we can has cheezburger' Historic inauguration, with a pretty good speech and a lousy poem. Seriously, they should’ve gotten someone who’d won at least one poetry slam in there for the poetry part of it. Or KRS-One or Chuck D.

Ah well. I don’t think anybody got a lot of work done while the swearing in and the speech were on TV, since all of us were watching it. Also, I am highly suspicious of the part in Obama’s speech when he said “Where the answer is no [programs are not working], programs will end.” I have never seen a politician willingly end a government program, so while the President may want to cut things, the House and Senate will refuse to do so.

Trivia: Patty, Sarah, and Kelli all really liked Michelle Obama’s dress, and were really impressed because she walked the entire parade route while wearing heels. When I left, we were in 3rd place, but last week, we won the “Best Team Name” prize with a name of “Billy Jo-Elle’s Sax-off-onist”. (The quizmaster tends to mispronounce words. He’s called Billy Joel “Billy Jo-elle” and pronounced “saxophonist” as “sax-off-onist”.) Well, you take what you can get.

In more local political news, several candidates for a city election here are apparently incapable of reading their e-mail or filling out a web form. This is only to be expected.