sculpture depicting the Big Bang, in the Phoenix art museumThis sculpture is supposed to depict the Big Bang. The yellow lights in it make it look sort of like the sun, though.

So on Friday, after work, almost all of us went to a nearby Irish pub and had dinner. The chicken pot pie was good and relatively cheap. We talked about all kinds of things, from cats to scorpions to personal trainers to high school teachers.

Then we walked a few blocks to the US Airways Center, where we went up to the midlevel suites. The suite we had was kind of small, but had popcorn, potato chips, soft drinks, and peanuts set out. There were menus that had other things we could order. A 6-pack of Coke was $13.50, so you can imagine how expensive other things were. Larry got a beer, and he said that beer cost him $9.

The game was OK. It seemed as though the players on both teams were playing sloppily in the first half, but there were plenty of good plays. The Clippers were pretty soundly outclassed, though.