picture of a miniature living roomThere’s a room in the Phoenix art museum with a number of miniature room and furniture displays. A rich woman spent a great deal of her life building or assembling pieces of furniture into 1/12 scale living rooms not unlike the picture above. They’re interesting and pretty well done even though there is the occasional flaw, like the package of cigarettes that’s the same size as a hardcover book.  You can see that flaw in the picture above; the cigarette pack is the white object on the octagonal coffee table.  (The ban on flash photography means too many of my pictures of things are all blurry. . . .)

Trivia: We only had the core group there. We were in 3rd place when I left. Kelli recounted a bizarre dream she’d had which involved terrorists, Jack Bauer creating a diversion, her shooting people, and her saying, “I wear slinky dresses and kick a lot of ass!” (That’s a quote from “Firefly” and does not necessarily reflect reality.) Well, it was entertaining. We also discussed whether it’d be awesome if Tim Curry and Alan Rickman were in a film together. The consensus was “Oh hell yes!”