pre-owned Taurus 65 .357 magnum revolverThis is the revolver I bought yesterday. It shows some cosmetic wear, but the action works fine and the barrel’s good. I wanted something in .357 mostly because that will fire less expensive .38 special ammo as well as more expensive .357 Magnum. I downloaded the manual from Taurus’s website since pre-owned guns rarely come with manuals. There’s not a whole lot to the manual, though, as revolvers are less complex than automatics. (Mostly, every page has Do Not Be a Complete Dumbass With This Handgun on it.)

What else. . . laundry, cooking, cleaning.  Also finally finished Sacred Pain. It got a whole lot better towards the end, where the author described the Sun Dance and the dancers’ descriptions of what they felt before, during, and after the dance. I think the editor of that book did the author a disservice by putting the sections in the order that they were in. The interesting stuff that was at the end (Sun Dance, Spanish Inquisition, how anesthetics caused great debates in the medical community in the 1840s) should’ve been put at the beginning, and the boring theory that was at the beginning should’ve been put at the end. Well, I don’t think the book was intended for a general audience, so the editor probably wasn’t as interested in keeping readers glued to the page as he should’ve been.