God listens (to Slayer!)What would a deity listen to? No one really knows for sure. I think that a deity would probably make room for Bach, Handel, Iron Maiden, White Zombie, Rush, The Who, the Dead Milkmen, Soundgarden, and the Foo Fighters. But that’s just me.

Not a whole lot to report. The only plans for the weekend that I have are to go out to the rifle range with Zach on Sunday. I suppose that I should think about watching the Superb Owl as well, though it won’t be quite the same. Back in Lansing, we all had a tradition of gathering at Suzanne’s house for the Superb Owl, bringing potluck food and beer, and smoking cigars. No one is doing anything like that here, which means I’ll have to go to some sports bar if I want to see the game. Ah well.