pickup truck with a guinea pig wearing a pimp outfit in the bedYou’ve heard of pimping rides. To pig a ride, however, requires a high level of skill.

Tuesday was a bit hectic. Work was reasonably normal. Then, as the bus was weaving its detour-strewn way home, I got a phone call. From Marcus, whom I haven’t talked to since 2007. (He doesn’t really answer his e-mail, and I live via e-mail, so. . .) We had a lot to catch up on. Then my phone’s battery died. I was only about 10 minutes from home, so when I got there, I plugged the phone in and called him back. I talked with him and Dan S for almost 2 hours, just catching up on stuff that had gone on, world politics, how to fix the copyright mess, and interesting open-source microcontroller boards. I had to say goodbye and hang up because it was time for trivia night, though.

Trivia was fairly normal, up until Brian called me to try to hash out travel plans and hotel rooms.  This was working well until my phone’s battery died again.  Dangit.  My phone’s battery has passed its use-by date and needs to be replaced.  Since the battery is probably not being made anymore, this almost certainly means I need a new phone.  ARGH.  I had hoped to be able to use my old phone until it was a genuine antique, but that’s not going to happen.

We were in 3rd place when I left.  We had the idea of trying to make a short zero-budget film that starred a Billy Mays impersonator as a gigolo.  “How much would you pay for this dinner date?  I’d pay $29.95 . . . but wait!  You can pay in 3 easy installments!  Plus if you call now, I’ll throw in this Miracle Putty absolutely free!“  And at the end, Billy Mays would fight the Sham-Wow pitchman.  It sounds really silly in text, but it sounded really funny when we were talking about it.  Now all we need is a video camera, several hours, and some people willing to act. . . .