Fuzzball in chair, caption 'in ur chair doing teh TPS reports' Fuzzball really likes to sit in my chair. I’m not sure why. Well, my old computer chair was wood, and this one is much softer.

Work was minor thing after minor thing Monday, in a never-ending stream. Well, at least most of it worked. I had to log in from home and do 5 minutes worth of work after dinner, as well. Hey, at least I still have a job.

While I was waiting for the express bus, one of the local buses dropped a young woman off. She threw a small rock at the bus, walked down to the street corner, yelled something incoherent, and threw another small rock at the stop sign. This is the first time in 6 months of riding the bus that I’ve seen anyone behave like that. Well, most of the people on the express buses are partially sane and have jobs, so there’s very little drama. Of course, I forgot to put my book in my bag on Monday morning, so the bus ride itself was much more boring than it usually is.

What else. . . I’m finally using Firefox 3 here at home. Its default icon theme is butt-ugly, they should’ve stuck with the Firefox 2 icons. At least themes make it possible to get the good icons back. Firefox 3 also crashes more often than Firefox 2 did.