Desert Eagle, caption 'sounds like you need some 50 caliber aspirin' Zach and I went to the gun show on Saturday. OK, I wasn’t looking for anything quite this large, but I did find a Taurus model 65 .357 Magnum revolver which I liked and I think will work out well. (Pictures of it tomorrow.) It should be fun to see how it performs next range day.

Zach bought a fire extinguisher as well as some ammo for his Nagant rifles. Strangely, there were no people there selling MREs. Trevor has never eaten an MRE, and wanted to try one, so Zach promised that he’d get one. Maybe next time. There weren’t as many people selling stuff there as there usually are—only one building had exhibitors in it. Oh well, at least ammo prices are down from what they were.

After looking around and buying stuff, we went to Juan’s house for lunch. He served up a tasty spread of shrimp and hush puppies, then we all talked guns and Futurama for a while. Then the discussion veered off into computers, and Zach and I together made it so that both of the ‘Doze boxes in Juan’s house could see each other and share files and printers amongst themselves. Overly paranoid 3rd-party firewall settings were behind his problems there. I do think that trying to deal with ‘Doze security would drive me nuts, because nothing’s straightforward or standardized the way it is in Linux. Which rules are in effect on a Linux box? iptables -L. Which rules are in effect on a ‘Doze box? Well, it depends on which firewall you’re using, and is several levels deep in a non-obvious place in some GUI that attempts to be “user friendly”.

I also finally got a new shower curtain rod to replace the one where the main spring died horribly. So I can take showers again, which is a relief.