guinea pig wearing a party hatGuinea pigs don’t usually care that much about birthdays, but this one seems to be having a good time.

We all met at Trevor’s place yesterday, then had dinner at a nearby Nello’s (local pizza chain, which is surprisingly good.) We had a vegetarian who didn’t like salad and another vegetarian who will eat invertebrates in our group, so only one of the pizzas we got had meat on it. Zach had an idea for making stuff and marketing it to teenagers, but I don’t know that it would work unless we could think of a catchy name for it.  He’d also need to get some vapid celebrity to wear one of the things on national TV, which might be harder than it sounds.  There are multiple articles in the local media about how people are cutting back on restaurants and going out. However, every table in Nello’s was full, and there were about 15 people outside waiting.

Then it was back to Trevor’s for dessert, wine, and trivia. Almost all of the questions involved movies, TV, and pop music, so I didn’t get a whole lot of them.  Trevor also said that he’s moving to a new, larger apartment in a couple of months, which should be great for him.

The Cardinals are in the NFC championship game.  This is pretty amazing considering their rocky performance throughout the season.  I might have to go to one of the local sports bars and watch this game, since I have neither antenna nor cable.