silly depiction of an invisible jet fighterStealth fighter? Yeah, we’ve got that.

There were a lot of little annoyances that I had to solve on Thursday. At least none of them involved getting up at 4:45am or staying late dealing with badly formatted, badly specified files containing important info. However, there are a large number of knobs, dials, levers, and settings in your average php.ini, and some of them can interact in stupid and non-obvious ways. But I didn’t have to do anything or go anywhere Thursday night, which was a welcome change.

Reading Factoring Humanity by Robert J. Sawyer. This is a little different from his other works as it focuses on people, rather than on people interacting with alien societies. OK, there are aliens in it—the plot involves aliens sending a coded message out via radio. The female lead figures out how to decode the message, then builds the device the message describes. This leads to a bunch of other stuff happening, including the solutions to several family problems, the total revamp of all existing encryption schemes, and a bunch of really annoyed psychiatrists. Unfortunately, the scientific backing for the technology the main character unlocks is pretty tenuous, but the story still hangs together emotionally. I’ve got about 25% of the book left to go, so the ending could still be horrible, but it was good so far.