man attempting to sneak up on alligator, caption 'somehow I don't think you thought your cunning plan all the way through' Sometimes, it’s like this. After the great database fiasco of this morning, I did ordinary work things until right before I was going to leave, when I had to stay late to fix a b0rken spreadsheet that somebody else had generated. At least I was able to verify that the data in the database was all fine.

Then when I got to Steve’s, we did the usual Rock Band 2 thing. Except we’d set the Xbox up vertically, and one of Steve’s less bright dogs knocked the Xbox over while the disc was spinning. This essentially carved a big trench through the middle of the game disc, and the console said, “This is unreadable. Can’t continue playing. Game over, man, game over!!1!” We took the bad disc to a nearby Game Crazy, where they had one of those buffer machines. The employees buffed the disc 3 times on the highest setting possible, and it looked like the game was playable afterwards. Yay for error correction.

I never think about stuff like this because we’ve always had cats. Cats are typically not clumsy enough or heavy enough to knock things over. Well. . . bad dog, no biscuit. And bad me, for not setting the console up in the less vulnerable horizontal position.