flesh-eating sheep on rampage of deathSomehow, I don’t think this really happened. Sheep are really not very good at rampaging.

Not really a lot to report. Finished Spin State. It was a cut above the norm, if only because at one point, Cohen said, “We’re going to take the specs to (technological Macguffin) and open-source them! Then the government won’t have the power to restrict artificial intelligences from doing (plot stuff). . . .” There’s a sequel to the book. I wonder whether it’ll be as good.

The local paper said that beer was on sale, which is actually more important to a lot of people than you might think. And of course, today I got confirmation that I’ll be doing some work stuff really early on Wednesday morning. It should all be easy and go smoothly, but it’s still annoying to have to work at 5am.