very young child yelling at cow, caption 'internet argument' Many of the arguments you see on the Net are about this silly.

Saturday, Steve, Adam, Zach, Roger, and I went down to the Casa Grande rifle range and spent a couple of hours shooting. Adam and Steve had not had a whole lot of firearms experience, but we showed them how to operate various weapons. Zach had forgotten the bolt for his target .22 rifle (again), so my 10/22 got a fair amount of use.

Then we went to IHOP, picking up Sarah and Jen along the way, and had lunch. Sarah said that now she and Zach have Xbox Live Gold, so they want me to get that so we can play various games in cooperative online mode.  I don’t know how this’ll work, since the only game we both have right now is Rock Band 1.  It was pretty enjoyable, but it took most of the day—I didn’t get back to Tempe until about 3pm. Oh well.

Spent the rest of the day doing boring but necessary things like laundry and cleaning rifles. Also reading Spin State, a sci-fi book that has quite a lot of complex plot going on in it.  It’s hard to summarize quickly because it covers so many topics.  Maybe it’ll be easier after I’ve finished it.