The car’s in the shop, and I worked from home almost all of Thursday. With any luck, it’ll be fixed on Friday afternoon. I also received a loaner car, an Oldsmobile that was built for comfort, not performance, and feels like driving a fricking boat. I don’t know how people stand driving things like it, since it’s so sluggish and has so little feedback.

kitten Photoshopped to look like a cross between a cat and CthulhuWhile I was working on some stuff related to classified ads at work, I ran across a field in an XML dataset that said “CATCHULU”, which made me think of this image.

I went to the library on Thursday night, because I’d finished all the books I’d checked out. After I’d gotten new books, I walked past a scene that was kind of disturbing: Two Tempe police officers were berating a kid who looked about 15 or 16. One cop said something like, “We have every right to detain you. We received a report of a young black male in a white shirt who was seen committing a crime.” The kid muttered something I didn’t hear. The other cop said, “You are not allowed to leave! Sit down! This is the second time I’ve told you, you may not get up while we’re questioning you!” This continued for at least 2 more minutes, with the police being loud and aggressive and the kid not giving them the answers they wanted to hear. I didn’t hear everything exactly—I was walking along at a medium pace.

I wanted to tell everyone involved, “You are doing it wrong.” Kid: Tell the police what they want to hear. Cops: Being overbearing and rude to a kid will make him your enemy for life. However, I did nothing. As a relatively privileged white male property owner, my risks for doing or saying anything in this situation were insanely high, and my potential rewards were essentially zero.