Tasmanian Devil has chewed 90% of the way through a tree and is about to have that tree fall on himAfter work on Wednesday, I got in my car and attempted to start it. It went “wrr wrr CLICK CLICK CLICK”, which is the sign of a starter motor that’s gone to the Great Starter Motor Heaven In The Sky. So I couldn’t do the usual Wednesday night thing of going to Steve’s house.

This leaves me with a dilemma. Normally, I’d wait until Saturday to get the car fixed, since I can ride the bus to work. Thing is, some friends want to get together and go out to the rifle range in Casa Grande on Saturday morning, and I’ll need my car to get there. I don’t have to go to any meetings on Thursday and can get a bunch of stuff done from home, so it’s highly probable that I can take the car in to the shop early on Thursday morning and then work via VPN for the rest of the day. I sent a message off to the bosses. Whatever I do on Thursday morning depends on what they say