I had planned an uneventful Saturday. Then right after I ate lunch, Nathan called me up and said that a bunch of us were getting together at 4pm to do a bunch of stuff. So I said, “OK!” and did that. We ended up at a tiny amusement park in south Tempe, where we hit the driving range and the batting cages. Nathan almost whacked John with a golf ball. Then I went one better in the batting cages, where I hit a pop-up that hit the netting above me, then took a funny bounce back and hit me in the head. Oh well. The batting cage that Zach was using had something wrong with it, and it spit out roughly 100 pitches when it only should’ve spit out 20.

Then we ate dinner at a Mongolian Grill, where we discussed a bunch of stuff. Apparently, there’s a big party happening in March for Kelli’s parents. Also, someone said something about combining frozen yogurt with Chinese hot mustard, and several of us tried it. Nathan liked it, and so did John, but I found it less good. Maybe it was because hot mustard and artificial chocolate flavor mix less well than hot mustard and artificial vanilla flavor.

Then we all went to Kelli’s place, where Zach had a wonderful idea. What if he attempted to swallow an entire tablespoon of cinnamon at once? The rest of us guys put up $5 each to encourage him to do this. The girls were all basically horrified, but they wanted to watch this attempt anyway. We all got a tablespoonful of cinnamon, then went outside.

man apparently farting fireWell, Zach ate the spoonful of cinnamon, held it in for a few seconds, then coughed out a huge reddish-brown cloud of dust. He continued coughing for a bit, drank some water, coughed some more, spat out reddish crud, and was then basically OK. It was pretty funny, though, and we all said that it was certainly entertaining even though he hadn’t fulfilled the bet conditions. Sarah wrote up a short Facebook entry about the incident. Zach got a few bucks.

Then we played Catch Phrase (Music) for a while. This involved getting an artist and a song title, then giving clues to your teammates so they could guess the song title. So when the game gave me “Rapper’s Delight — Sugarhill Gang”, I spoke, “I said a hip, hop, a hippy to the hippy to the hip hop hop and you don’t stop. . .” in a rough approximation of the meter and pitch of the original, and Zach got it. Repeat that about 100* for various categories (Oldies, Classic Rock, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, Country, and Hip-Hop), and you have what we spent 2 hours doing. I got “L.A. Woman” by the Doors, and no one knew what the heck I was talking about when I sang the lyrics. Well, I had no idea what other people were talking about when they sang Air Supply lyrics. Oh well. Left sort of early because I was tired.