cat, staring intently at a book, caption 'edumacation: learn me a book' Somehow, I don’t think this cat will retain much of what he’s reading.

Not a whole lot to report, actually. Finished reading Matter, and found that quite a lot of interesting stuff happens at the end.  The book is oddly paced—it’s really slow at the start, and then accelerates and accelerates until tons of things are happening at once.  Definitely worth reading though.

Went to see Steve and his family, had fajitas, played Rock Band 2, which was fun. This story about a kid distributing Linux CDs and a teacher who didn’t like that caused a lot of traffic on the local PLUG mailing list. Some people thought the entire story was fabricated. I don’t know—I’ve spent quite a bit of time in various schools, and I know that there are some teachers and many administrators who are extraordinarily pigheaded and should not be allowed to run an ant farm, let alone a classroom.