bronze sculpture of a masked man on a horse, who is also wearing a maskThis sculpture is in the gardens of the Phoenix art museum. It’s just totally silly. Horses hate wearing masks and hats, for one thing.

After getting some sleep, I was able to fix the stupid problem with the database that plagued me yesterday. Sometimes, error reporting is . . . not as clear as it should be. Sigh. Well, as of 8am, it was all working well, so everything should be fine now.

Since the new year is about to leap upon us all with fangs bared, time to recap some of the highlights.

Best Book I read: The Impossible Bird, if only because it made old ideas seem new again and asked relevant, pertinent questions. (Moby-Dick is disqualified from this category because I read it in 1996.)

Most Mixed Blessing: Getting laid off in February. Sure, being unemployed for a while was a pain. However, that led me to my new job, which is quite a bit better than my old job. Dealing with database problems, code bugs, and dumb users isn’t always fun, but it beats fighting physics, engineering, and a spectacularly incompetent wannabe manager.

Hobby I thought I’d given up, but got sucked back into: Video games. Guitar Hero and Rock Band got me to spend money on games, systems, and peripherals. If we hadn’t decided to buy Kelli a PS2 and Guitar Hero, I would be a few hundred dollars richer. . . but I would’ve had less fun.

The Best Part of 2008: As always, the friends and family. I had friends in Lansing, of course, but all of them had spouses and kids. So we didn’t get together more than about once a month, if that. Now, we’re almost guaranteed to get together once a week, if only for the pub trivia contest.