Indian monk wearing a funny hatHere’s one of the photos from the Phoenix art museum, a photo of a photo that depicts an Indian monk wearing a funny hat. Sorry about the bad focus; there’s not a whole lot I can do without a tripod since flash photography is not allowed there.

On Saturday, a whole bunch of us (all the core group from trivia but Trevor and John, Nacho and his wife, Mike, and my parents) got together at a nice restaurant in south Chandler called Cork. This place runs things in courses; you get multiple small plates containing a saucer full of good food. I had a salad, split a mac’n'cheese appetizer with my father, and had a duck breast with a berry glaze served on risotto. It was delicious, but it took a long time to get there. It didn’t help that I was suffering from a nasty runny nose, so by the end of the nearly 4-hour meal, I was more interested in getting home than in providing good conversation to entertain my friends and family with. Gah. Being sick is annoying; I’m glad I don’t get sick that often now.

At least the company was good. I guess they’re not having trivia on Dec. 30 (Tuesday) so I won’t see everyone again until Jan 6, 2009. After dinner was over (at about 10:30pm), the plan was to go back to Nathan’s house and play some Rock Band Track Pack 2. I had to decline due to being tired and sick. I hope everyone had fun, though.

Back to work on Monday Dec. 29. Oh well, at least I get Jan. 1 off. . . .