painting with spiralsThis painting was in the Phoenix Art Museum, which we all visited on Christmas Eve. More photos from that will feature in later entries.

So, Christmas was pretty good. The parents came over at about 9am, and we opened the presents. The big excitement was Mom’s gift; we got her a Wii and an extra Wiimote. We managed to hook everything up fairly easily, and played Wii Bowling, which is surprisingly fun. One real problem with the Wii interface, though, is that player 1 is the only one who is guaranteed to control actions. Some things in the basic console interface (like the Mii Channel) should be accessible to player 2, but they aren’t.

For Christmas dinner, we had turducken breast, rolls, a really nice Pinot Noir, and mushroom pasta. Then we played some more video games, including one of the gifts that I got, “Lego Star Wars II”, which was fun (if silly.)

On Friday, we went out shopping (of course.) The parents bought me another Christmas gift, a rolling chair. Well, for the last 8 years, I’ve been using a standard kitchen chair as my computer chair, so this is a welcome upgrade. We then went to eat at a little cafeé that had French food, then went to Fashion Square in Scottsdale to see how the other half shops. This was anticlimactic. 90% of the stores in that place sell expensive clothes, and there’s no bookstore in that mall, so I was bored. Oh well. Went back to the condo, ate leftovers from Christmas dinner, and played more Wii Bowling.