Full update later on. Watch this space. It’s kind of late and I’m kind of tired, so this will post at 6am and I’ll edit it later and add more stuff.
fennec foxes, caption 'tell me more, I'm all ears' Went over to Kelli’s on Sunday afternoon to see everyone and play trivia. Miguel was there, which is rare since he spends a lot of time traveling around. We had some snacks, then plugged the Judge (a rugged electronic buzzer system) in. Instead of going through its self-test, it got about 1/8 of the way through its test and died with a pitiful electronic squeal. Nothing we did could bring it back to life, though we checked all the obvious electrical connections.

John had a backup plan: 8 small hand bells. This sort of worked. We all went through 3 or 4 trivia packets using that system. I didn’t do so well, mostly because 80% of the questions were about TV, movies, and sports.

Then we all went to dinner, though it took us forever to decide on a place to go. Wherever we went had to be close to a Best Buy, because Kelli needed to go there to buy a present for a cow-orker. But we found a place eventually, and ate, and discussed Christmas plans. A lot of people are having family come here. Some people are going away to see other family. None of Zach’s family are showing up. The plan is still to have almost everyone go out to dinner on Dec 27, but we still don’t know where we’re going. Oh well, we’ll figure something out.