So Zach, Juan, Mike, and I went to the rifle range on Saturday. That was fun (as usual). I tried a 5-shot .357Mag revolver, which was interesting, and some other rifles that I’d shot before. I also bought a pair of -25 dB earmuffs before getting to the range, since while earplugs are great, they’re a pain to remove and put back in.  Zach got his .22 target rifle out and then realized he’d left the bolt for it at his house.  So he had to borrow my 10/22 to get his small-caliber fix.

And then I got a call from Zach’s wife, who said, “Where the heck are you guys? Jen and SteveDave are there and they can’t find you!” Zach and I tracked them down—they couldn’t find us because they had gone to the main range, while we had gone to the side range because the main range was crowded. Oops.

Then we all had lunch, which featured too many “Yo momma” jokes and an invitation to poker/video games at Jen and SteveDave’s, which I had to decline. Juan and Mike had to leave after lunch was over because they had things to do in Phoenix

dog lying on bench, caption 'monorail dog' Went back to Zach’s house for a bit, where we had planned to have cigars but were prevented from doing so because the tobacco store in Casa Grande has closed down. Sigh. So we had no cigars, and talked about dogs and home improvement and what we should do with the time off almost all of us have now. The plan is to go over to Kelli’s house tomorrow afternoon to play trivia or Rock Band or Killer Bunnies or something like that.