cat with wire in its teeth, caption 'ADSL cat is connecting' Connections are important.

It was raining buckets when I left early Thursday morning. It was bad enough that I decided to drive in instead of waiting in the rain for 10 minutes for the bus. Of course, the rain slowed to a trickle when I got on the freeway, then stopped when I was halfway to work. Some days are like that.

There was apparently a problem with a client’s database. They’ve been having this problem off and on for months (they say). They just informed us about it. Right before everyone’s going to be out on vacation. Not just that, they can barely articulate what the problem is, can’t give us much concrete info to go on, and have given a bunch of indications that it’s due to someone fat-fingering something on their end rather than an actual problem we can fix.

Nevertheless, they expect us to drop everything and devote as much time as possible to fixing whatever’s wrong. As a result, I didn’t get much real work done on Thursday. And they called us rather late in the day with more waffling which boiled down to “a user is using password ‘f00b4r’, which expired 8 months ago, instead of password ‘b4zb4rf’, which is current, and wondering why errors are happening”. This took 45 minutes to take care of what should’ve taken 10 minutes. If I had ridden the bus, I would’ve missed the bus. As it was, I was almost too late to get to the UPS depot and pick up a package containing Christmas presents for the family.