cat tangled in red ribbon, caption 'bureaucrat kitty is caught in own red tape' This happens more often than you’d expect. When you create rules, you tend to create traps for yourself and/or others as well.

Pretty normal Wednesday. Well, I went and gave blood, which wasn’t normal, but went fine. The cafeteria at work reopened, and they were giving out free samples of all kinds of things instead of serving normally. I had packed a lunch, of course. I still got a couple of bite-size sandwiches and tried them. Then went to Steve’s for dinner, where we did the usual Rock Band 2 thing, except I played drums and sang instead of doing guitar or bass.

Another interesting story in that short story collection is “St. Luca’s School for Girls Who Have Been Raised by Wolves”. This story has 2 basic postulates—werewolves exist, and sometimes werewolves produce human children who don’t fit into werewolf society. The story is not great, but it’s OK. What struck me about the story was how it toed the line of Serious Literary Subjects. A sci-fi/fantasy author, given the conditions above, would generally write a story where the protagonist has Cool Adventures, or possibly a longer piece exploring how the presence of werewolves would alter human society. Nope, this author used “being a human child raised by werewolves” as an extended metaphor for “being raised in Culture 1 and having to assimilate into Culture 2.” Well, the notes for the story said, “This story began as a pretty terrible poem and was substantially reworked,” so there is that.

I’ll schedule this post for earlier than usual. If it doesn’t post at 0600 MST, I’ll have to change my morning routine or something. Sigh, I chase database and PHP bugs at work, and don’t really want to chase them at home too. . . .