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angry bluebird, caption 'do I look like the bluebird of happiness?' Obviously, not all bluebirds are happy. For about the last 24 hours here in the Phoenix metro area, it’s been colder than usual (high 60 F), cloudy, and drizzling in a near-constant way. Seattle denizens say, “Business as usual.” Here, we’re saying OMG!!1! WTF?? since it usually doesn’t do this. There hasn’t been much flooding thanks to the slow speed of the rainfall, at least.

Trivia: We were tied for first when I left. Zach had also decided that there needed to be a new genre of movie, the “porn musical”. Some of the more printable examples that we came up with were “West Side Whorey”, “My Bare Lady”, “Oklahomo!”, and “Swingin’ in the Rain”. We also came up with a plan to transform the Christmas party that Kelli is going to attend on Friday into a bizarre performance art piece that involved simulated violence and Jerry Springer-style confrontations. If they actually do this, I want to see video of the end results.

Finished the book of short stories. I think the one that I liked the best was “My Brother Eli”, by Joseph Epstein. That was about a successful and critically acclaimed novelist who wasn’t great with money and often treated other people shabbily. The characters in it are convincing and well-portrayed, and seem pretty close to real people. What made the story ring true for me was the very end. Eli, who’s had far more success than most people in all kinds of ways, says, “Somewhere along the way I slipped off the track. Could never get back on.” Common sentiment, well expressed. Most people who live long enough probably feel that way to some extent.