smaller version of Penny Arcade's Deep Crow PosterThe fine folks at Penny Arcade did a few comic strips on the elusive deep crow, how to hunt a deep crow down, and what hunting a deep crow might do for you.

Most days, there are some people I see every morning while waiting for the bus. On Thursday morning, we were all talking about newspapers for some reason. The New ZorkYork Times is having financial trouble, the Chicago Tribune is going through Chapter 11, readership is declining, ad sales are going downhill, all the good comic strips are available on the Net, and so forth. I don’t know how to fix that—which is a pity, as a good, cheap source of journalism is essential to the preservation of individual liberties. Some say bloggers can take over many of the functions of journalists. I don’t think that would work well—although we’ve got your LOLcat needs and your incoherent wharrgarbl needs filled, we aren’t exactly unbiased or objective. Also, our attention spans are not exactlyOMG will you look at that cute hamster!!1??

While I was waiting for the bus on Thursday afternoon, some woman stopped and said, “Is anyone tired of working for corporate America? Because I’m making residual income of $5000/month! Anyone want to know how? Anyone want a flyer?” This was sort of funny, because most of the people who ride the bus work for the local or state governments, not “corporate America”. Also, it was a rather inept multi-level marketing scam.