College kids vs. undead Nazis. That is all. OK, it looks cheesy, but it could be fun.

cat looking at ladybug, caption 'everybody stand back, it could be a bomb'This captioned cat illustrates the dumb things that can happen in the name of security theatre. George Carlin’s “airport security” monologue is just as relevant today as it was when he first delivered it.

Trivia: We were doing OK when I left.  Nathan wasn’t there, but we had everybody else.  Kelli told us about the Davy Jones concert she attended recently—apparently, it was really bad as he told really terrible jokes for 20 minutes, sang one song, told more terrible jokes, sang another song, and then talked about having man-boobs.  I can see how this would turn many Monkees fans off.  No word yet on the whole friends-in-Phoenix holiday celebration.  But I did manage to find a Toys For Tots donation box and drop off the Lego set, which is always good.

While I was waiting for the bus on Tuesday, a couple of scruffy-looking guys came up to me asking for $0.50 to catch a bus. I thought I had 2 quarters. I didn’t, I had a quarter, 2 dimes, and some pennies. I gave them the money. They started asking for more. I refused to give them any. They said they were sleeping in a homeless shelter that didn’t serve food (what?) which made me very suspicious. They eventually moved on. So two guys may have been able to score $0.50 of meth thanks to me. Dangit.