Desert Eagle, captioned 'sounds like you need some 50 caliber aspirin' Sunday, Zach and I went out shooting.  Didn’t have anything in .50, though.  I fired a Nagant, an AK, a .22LR, and an 8-shot .22 Magnum revolver that I liked a lot.  The main problem with that revolver is that if you hold it incorrectly, you can whack your thumb a good one.  I did that.  Duh! Well, that provided a great incentive to hold it properly.

The range was pretty empty—there was only one other person there when we got there.  I had the chance to shoot a .45 automatic, but I declined.  Maybe later.  Then we got lunch and went back to Zach’s place, where we dealt with Zach’s Schnauzer.  Mostly, we said, “NO!  Stop barking!” every 30 seconds.  I don’t think that helped much.  Some dogs just like to make noise.

Not a whole lot else to report otherwise.  Back to work Monday.  Le sigh.  In ancient Egypt, they only had one measurement of time, the weekend.  So whenever one weekend ended, they had to start another weekend, because it was the only measurement they had.  This was the Golden Age, and it was marked by the invention of beer.  Then some guy named Pharaoh discovered Wednesday and Thursday, organized the peasants into synergized action empowered teamwork oriented value units, ran some pre-meeting planning meetings, and it all went downhill from there.