siamese cat, with bacon taped to its sideBacon Cat wonders what the heck the fuss is all about.

I spent most of Thursday running around doing various things, some of them for work, some of them in preparation for the whole Christmas thing. That is, I did some semi-complex things with computers, swore at an automated process which a third party website “improved” about 24 hours ago, and bought some stuff.

The fine people at Penny Arcade are trying to do some worthwhile charitable work. I contributed a small amount to a local hospital, and I encourage you to do the same.

Still reading Matter. The book’s structure is . . . not quite what you’d expect from a normal book. One of the main characters has a flashback sequence that’s interesting and explains quite a lot at the beginning of part 2 (25% of the way through the book), and I would’ve put that sequence much closer to the front of the book. Well, Iain M. Banks has never been that good at sticking to conventions. I think the only Culture novel that follows a traditional narrative arc is The Player of Games, which has a definite protagonist, has a set of bad guys, and has the bad guys suffering a horrible defeat through the protagonist’s actions.