capybaras fanning out, captioned 'swift, silent, fuzzy' There are words for those who disrespect Capybara Force Recon. “PWN3D” is one of those words. There’s just not much the average person can do against multiple 100 pound packages of fuzziness.

I slept in on Wednesday. Then I went Christmas shopping, since someone has to go stimulate the economy. Didn’t really buy that many things, but they were semi-expensive.

And while I was having coffee and eating lunch, I got a call from work. I haven’t been laid off (YAY!) but the org chart has changed. I’m reporting to a different person now. Unlike the last time this happened, in the old company, my new boss is not a complete twit.  A guy in systems got laid off, and I might be doing some of the things that guy had been doing.  It all depends on a bunch of stuff.  I guess I’ll find out on Thursday.

Went to Steve’s on Wednesday night.  Well, I was about 15 minutes late, because they had blocked off Cooper Rd between Guadalupe and Eliot.  Whatever it was looked serious; there were multiple fire trucks and police cars all over the place.  One of the traffic lights was also out, so that made it even slower.  But anyway, I finally got there, we ate chicken, potatoes and corn, and played some more Rock Band 2.  I tried singing this time, and tried to match the singer’s pitch on Paramore’s “That’s What You Get”.  Paramore’s singer is an alto.  I’m pretty much a baritone, so that. . . didn’t work out well.  I adjusted down an octave or 2, and was able to sing the song without failing miserably.  Steve seems to be getting along with the bass reasonably well now, which is always nice to see.