fox jumping, caption 'firefox has encountered a pop-up' The number of things you can do with captioned animals is amazing. Or silly. Whichever.

Reading Matter by Iain M. Banks. It’s the first Culture novel he’s written in a few years, but it’s fairly slow to get started.  Well, as I said before, the book is large enough to stun a small poodle, so I guess it can proceed at a stately pace.

Trivia: We won!  I got to stay for the whole thing this time, so I saw how it all shook out.  We’re trying to figure out how best to do the Christmas festivities.  There’s going to be a big get-together, but there may be some smaller parties, and these all have to be scheduled.

Dumb things happened with the latest network maintenance. The users didn’t ever see any problems with it, but I had to scramble to make it all work properly and keep all the machines happy. But that’s all in a day’s work. At least I will get to have Wednesday off thanks to on-call days and doing work early in the morning or late at night. Not sure what I’ll do besides sleep in.  I’ll figure something out.