cat behind grate, caption 'Oh Grate' Sometimes, it’s like this. The last five days have had a ton of stuff happen, and I hardly wrote down any of it.

Sunday: Spent a lot of it traveling. The flight from Saginaw was delayed about half an hour due to balance problems—there was too much weight in the nose or something. I had to run across most of the terminal to get to my connecting flight, and just barely made it. And from Detroit to Phoenix, I was right behind a young kid who screamed for the whole flight. A one-year-old howling is actually worse than a Siamese cat howling. At least my luggage got there, and getting the car out of the parking lot wasn’t a hassle. Fuzzball was pretty happy to see me, and meowed constantly until I’d petted her and held her enough.

Sunday night, I went to the Luminarias at the Phoenix Botanical Garden with Ed and his family. I had complimentary tickets from work, which was nice. The weather was better this year than it was last year; it was fairly warm and all you needed was a jacket. We also skipped the buffet they have there, since it wasn’t worth $16.

This year, they had a whole bunch of glass sculptures from a famous artist arranged all over the gardens and set amidst the cactuses. They were all lit dramatically and looked pretty good. However, I didn’t bring my camera, so there will be no pictures of the sculptures here. Ed’s daughter took a picture of almost everything, I think. She’s never used a film camera, so she doesn’t have the reluctance to waste a shot that those of us who grew up with film cameras have. If a shot doesn’t work out, you just erase it, no big deal.

Monday was fairly normal. They’re doing some network maintenance early Tuesday morning, so I have to log on early and make sure everything worked.