bunny with ears horizontal, captioned 'Welcome to Bunway Airlines' Today, I get to experience the joys of getting up at about 4am and dealing with the airline industry all day. Well, it should build character. Plus I have Iain M. Banks’s latest Culture book to read while waiting and while on the plane. It’s from the library, though, so it’s hardcover and is large enough to stun a small poodle.

Trivia: was crowded.  It was “League Night”, so we had people from the Sceptical Chymist as well as Fibber’s, all competing for the 12-week Pub Trivia crown as well as other prizes.  There was a question about the Olympics that we really wished Trevor was there for, because none of us knew it and he probably would’ve.  Spencer and Patty said they saw me in the morning several times a week as I crossed Mill and waited for the bus.  I said I’d look out for them in the future.  And it looks like most people want to do the “get together for dinner” thing sometime on Dec. 26..28.

Updates will be less frequent over Thanksgiving since I won’t have easy access to my home machine.