Longcat vs. his arch-enemy TacgnolOpposites. Even in the world of captioned cats, there are epic clashes between fundamentally incompatible ideologies.

Monday started with a 5am wakeup call about a wonky database problem, then rapidly became much less hectic. Even though the bus was late, it was a fairly low-key workday. Also, my upstairs neighbor ran into trouble with her car battery and needed a jump start, but I had jumper cables, so it was easy to fix.

Been reading Rollback by Robert J. Sawyer. It explores some interesting questions that people may have to deal with at some point. What would life extension mean to people? How would all your friends and family react to you if you were 87, then suddenly had the body of a 25-year old? If people who didn’t know you when you were 87 met you, how would you relate to them? What would it be like to have your firstborn child be older than you? Also, how could you express complex moral and ethical questions starting from absolutely nothing but math? Sawyer’s solution to that question is interesting: “2+2=4 : correct. 2+2=5 : incorrect.” Then: “8/12 = 4/6 : flawed. 8/12 = 2/3 : good.” There are probably flaws in this system, but what the heck.