Nissin Choice Ramen, Low Fat, which TASTES HORRIBLEThe grocery store had none of the more expensive tasty ramen that I usually buy. So I bought this, and didn’t notice the “low fat, low sodium” labels on the package until I was in the checkout line. “Oh well, it’ll be something new,” I thought. Yeah, if flavorless noodles in an insipid broth is what you want, these will make you jump for joy. Nissin Choice Ramen may be healthy, but it tastes like wet cardboard. Scratch that, it tastes like it has negative flavor.  You could dump a pot of this stuff in a full portion of insanely hot lamb vindaloo and end up with something that tasted vaguely like curry powder.  I had to force myself to finish the pot. And I had put in vegetables and chopped-up cooked chicken pieces, as I usually do when making ramen. I hesitate to think what it would taste like without any additions at all.

What’s worse, I have another package of the stuff. It’s not really fit for human consumption. I wonder how it would do as a rifle target.