unknown building, somewhere near Roosevelt and Central in downtown PhoenixLook at the worked stone and high arched windows in this building. They just don’t make things like this anymore. That’s probably a good thing, since this building probably predated air conditioning, but there has to be a way that you can have modern climate control and nice stonework.

They’re renovating this building, as is obvious from the plywood everywhere, but I don’t know what they’re putting into it or when it’ll be done. It’s a bit farther south than my bus stop is, and I’d have to leave early or catch a late bus or something to get a really good look at it.

Finished the collection of Mike Royko’s columns. I mentioned the collection to Bill, who’s from Chicago, and was surprised to find out that he had no idea who Mike Royko was. Oh well. The column Royko wrote about “words that should not be used in journalism as they’re insensitive” is hilarious. Any monkey who can say things like “Don’t say ‘illegal alien’, say ‘undocumented worker’, because the first is insensitive” needs to be whacked upside the head with an entrenching tool and then made to use said entrenching tool on a large pile of bovine feces.

We have to upgrade a box. We tried to upgrade it last weekend. Stupid things happened, so we rolled back to the last known good version. We were going to upgrade it this weekend, but can’t, as the users have a deadline. We were going to try again Thursday night, but someone thought that was a bad idea as the users would have a cow if the box wasn’t working at full speed early Friday morning. So now the plan is to upgrade it in December. Hurry up and wait—it’s not just for the Army any more.