balcony of the Security Building on Van Buren and Central in PhoenixMore old architecture. While balcony this looks nice, it’s awfully shallow, and was probably never used very much. And of course it was probably a total pain in the butt to clean this whole structure.

Trivia:  We were leading when I left.  Heard all about the various trivia tournaments everyone else attended last Saturday.  Also had to change the plans for taking care of Fuzzball some, but that should be all right.

At work on Tuesday, I got told about something that absolutely has to happen by next Monday. They’ve known about this for weeks, and could’ve given us a lot more lead time to get everything ready. Sigh. Then a co-worker said, “ARGH, this stupid thing isn’t working right! I’ve been fighting with this thing for the last hour and I need a break!” “Let me look at the error log . . . aha. It’s trying to include ../../stuff/junk on line 87, which is almost certainly not right, and if you change it to /include/junk, it’ll probably start working a lot better.” This actually fixed the problem, which made everyone involved much happier.

Another co-worker said she really likes the Twilight series. It’s surprising how much media attention that’s gotten. I suppose there has to be something to fill the void now that there won’t be any more Harry Potter books.