top of the Security Center in downtown Phoenix, Central and Van BurenYou just don’t see balconies, arches, high windows, and worked stone spires in modern buildings. It’s a shame; modern architecture is efficient, but almost all of it has the look of what P.J. O’Rourke called “the Brobdingnagian Lego Block”. I think most of it must be that human labor is comparatively much more expensive now. In 1900, a skilled stonemason was relatively cheap. Now, a skilled stonemason is relatively expensive, so instead of rococo ornaments, we get blank slabs of concrete.

I went to the library on Monday night, to stock up on new books. However, I was so enthused by all the books that I saw that I forgot to get the The Non-Born King, the third book in Julian May’s series about prehistoric Earth. Oh well. It’ll be there the next time I go to the library. Also, when I was leaving, a woman asked me, “Where’s the Pyle Center?” “The recreation center? I think it’s over there, to the northeast,” I said. I don’t mind giving directions, but it’s strange that I got asked for them twice in 3 days.  The number of places I know how to get to is not insanely large.