penguin about to wake up a polar bear with cymbalsPenguins can be foolhardy critters.

I took the car in on Saturday to get it looked at. Nothing serious, just getting an oil change and fixing a broken taillight. I was surprised at how much the taillight was. There are apparently a ton of plastic parts that have to be removed to get to the bulb.

But while they were doing all that, I spent a lot of time walking around south Tempe. It’s not very pedestrian-friendly—nothing here, except possibly downtown and ASU, is—but I did it anyway. A sports bar that we used to go to every so often for lunch, the Full Moon Cafe, has changed its name to Payton’s Place, and possibly made other changes. A pizza place that we never went to had gone out of business. I wandered in to Costco and browsed around for an hour. They have a huge variety of stuff, more stuff than you find in Meijer. You can get a 72″ digital projection TV for the low, low price of $2100, members can get gas for about $0.10 cheaper than most gas stations, and so forth. I don’t know if paying $50 to be a member would really make financial sense though. There was some sort of “walk for charity” thing going on, so I saw a ton of people doing that.

Met Ed and Susan at Haru Sushi on Saturday night.  That was fun.  The place is a “conveyor belt” sushi joint, where the chefs place dishes on the belt and you pick up what looks tasty.  You’re charged by the number of empty plates you have and what color they are (yellow = $1, red = $1.50, blue = $2.)  It was a pretty good deal, too, as we got a large variety and quantity of sushi for about $17 each.

Also heard all the gossip about the old company, including an amusing story about a piece of paper that showed what everyone’s salary was.  This piece of paper should’ve been shredded, wasn’t, and a bunch of people saw it.  Hilarity ensued.  No, actually, a bunch of people got very annoyed.  Ed’s contract was extended, which is good news for him.  Not a whole lot else. . . .