Harvest day is an exciting time on Biff's mashed potato farmAnticipation can be funnier than action.  This comic shows it.

If all goes well, I’ll remember to bring the camera tomorrow, and possibly get a few pictures of a couple of older buildings in Phoenix’s downtown. The older buildings have stonework, arches, balconies, brickwork, and interesting architectural features. Just about everything built after 1950 seems to be a glass-and-steel box. I know why this is (cheaper to build, more efficient) but it looks . . . boring. Oh well, the people who pay the bills for buildings tend not to care as much about looks as much as they care about how much the monthly HVAC costs are.

From the Monks: “I have actually mowed my lawn with a sickle once. It was hard work.” “Made you want to get hammered afterwards, did it?” Groan.

And in other news, I have to get up really, really early and do various work things on Friday. Oh well. More work things need to be done really, really early on Monday, but I shouldn’t have to do those.