the super league employs a hero whose superpower is making really good coffeeThe Perry Bible Fellowship delivers the goods. Artists and writers haven’t really explored the idea that there are a large number of comic book super powers that are completely useless in the real world. Making coffee is not one of those. But it can be exploited for comic effect.

Wednesday night, more Rock Band at Steve’s. Contrary to what the game says, “Let There Be Rock” is harder than “Painkiller”, at least on Medium on the guitar. This surprised me. Steve was also persuaded to try playing guitar on Easy in “practice mode”, which he seemed to be picking up at least partially. I also saw something on PickyWeedia that was interesting: White people like Guitar Hero better. Black people like Madden 2008 Football better. I have no idea why that’s the case, but the study was published in Cultural Anthropology in April 2008 by Jamar Wilson.