Gorbachev sings tractors: Turnip!  Buttocks!There are just too many ways for translation to go wrong.

There were hardly any people on the bus on Tuesday. There were only 2 of us on the bus in, and I was the only rider on the bus back. So naturally, on the way back, the driver wanted to talk. He said that he didn’t have a heck of a lot of education, but did have a commercial driver’s license, so he ended up driving a bus even though it doesn’t pay very much and the benefits are practically nonexistent. Bus drivers are not municipal employees now; most cities have turned that over to contracting firms. He also said that too few people in this modern world have a good work ethic.  I’m not sure; modern people are bombarded with video showing people who are rewarded lavishly for not working very hard.

Well, it was Veteran’s Day, and I think most of the people who ride the bus actually work for the local or state government. There’s just no reason to get on the bus if you don’t have to work that day.

Trivia: We were trailing when I left, thanks to missing a number of questions.  Also, Trevor is trying to organize a tournament for this Saturday, which would be fun except that it’s all day long.  I dunno.  Some other people at the pub had a team name of “They’re going to tear down the Rose Garden and put in a watermelon patch”, which made everyone groan.