cat sitting on printer, saying 'I don't know what this stupid thing is, but it's nice and warm' Sometimes, full knowledge of a device is not essential to getting what you want out of it.

The folks at Tesco sent me another $5 off coupon. So I went out and used it, since there are a few things there that are pretty good. There’s a frozen Indian dish, chicken makhani, that’s really good, though I’m sure that if you fed it to lab rats, the rats would all die of 12 different kinds of cancer.

Trying to arrange a get-together for Susan and Ed and everyone, and it looks like Saturday is the day that’ll work for all of us. We’ll probably go to one of those places where they have “conveyor belt sushi”. The chefs make various dishes, and put them on plates on a conveyor belt that goes around the whole dining area, and if you see something you like, you pick up the plate. You get billed depending on how many plates you have at the end of the meal, and what color they are. White plate = $2, green plate = $3, blue plate = $4, something like that. In Japan, these places are popular because they’re cheap and fairly informal.