firefox has located your file and is attempting to retrieve itFirefox is a web browser, not a merciless, amoral, hunter/killer/predator. However, people like to anthopomorphize software. (Software hates that.)

Not a whole lot to report; Sunday was quiet. I figured out how to use arecord to record sound files from the USB microphone that I got when I purchased Rock Band.  That’s a good thing, but the sounds that I record are all insanely quiet.  If you plug a non-USB mic into most soundcards on an x86, you can enable the “+20dB mic boost” when recording.  There is no way to do that with the USB mic.  Oh well, I can do that in postprocessing.  (The main reason I was interested in hooking up a mic to this computer was so that I could record Fuzzball meowing when she was Really Upset.  Most people would not believe that a 7 pound half-Siamese cat could be that loud or that annoying.)

I am wondering whether it’d be possible to make a bunch of shrimp pies for the next time I have a bunch of people over, as the recipe doesn’t look insanely hard to do.  On the other hand, I haven’t inflicted my Bonehead Lasagna on all my friends yet, and I know that is reasonably easy and can be prepared ahead of time.