cat trying and failing to eat dry foodReally, the plan for Saturday went fairly well, all things considered. The main problem that I had was that I thought that I could make omelettes using a frying pan I’d never used before in an unfamiliar kitchen. I couldn’t get anything to work right. The omelettes ended up turning into scrambled eggs, which were fine, but a bit of a letdown. I don’t think anyone really noticed—everyone else wanted waffles and bacon. I still felt bad for saying I’d make something and not being able to make it.

The trivia went OK. Too many of the questions were about movies and TV shows, where I have a real disadvantage since I haven’t had cable since 1999. There were a few questions that I knew, and those helped the team I was on a lot, but I was definitely not the most valuable player.

Finally finished Working. There are just so many stories in that book that it’s hard to pick out a coherent thread. Well, in 1970, people were complaining about businesses closing down operations in the USA and opening similar operations in Mexico or Taiwan. Some things just don’t change that much.