Holy CarpThis image has nothing at all to do with the text here.

Still going through Working. It’s a long book. The part I’m reading now has a set of stories from a crazy hippie who seemed to have a problem with just about every aspect of modern society and a nurse whose attitude to her patients and co-workers seems just shy of sociopathic. Well, there are some very strange people out there in the working world.

Nobody wanted to go out to anywhere that was far away or took a long time, so we went a block away to a little Italian place. The pizza is good there, but they also have subs, so I tried one of those. It was a little more expensive than Subway, but the bread was fresh, the meat high-quality, and the whole thing was really good.

The Plan(tm) for Saturday afternoon/evening is to go over to Kelli’s and play trivia. It looks like we’re also going to be having “Breakfast for Dinner”, making waffles, sausage, bacon, omelettes, and things like that instead of traditional dinner food. Well, I never cook breakfast, so it’ll be different.