freshly squeezed orange jewsThis is just. . . silly. Also, I think that Orthodox Jews are not supposed to wear bright orange clothing.

It’s getting “cold” out here. It was about 50 F on Thursday morning. I dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and slacks, as usual, walked out, thought, “Maybe I should get a jacket. Nah, I’m already halfway to the bus stop.” and just dealt with it. Everybody else at the bus stop was wearing long sleeves and/or jackets. Well, I’ve experienced -40 F, so 50 F is OK for short periods. With the right clothing and preparation, -20 F is easy to deal with, though I don’t have clothes appropriate for anything under 20 F right now.

I heard that there was another shakeup in management at the old company, and a couple of people who should have been fired a long time ago finally got fired. I’m done with that place, but all the same, I went out to a good local restaurant, had a very tasty meal, and gave the waitress a 20% tip, all the while thinking, “HA HA! PWN3D!”  I just hope that the people who are left can get their stuff together and solve the serious and challenging technical problems that are still in the way.

Still reading Working.  One of the interviews, with a man who had been an executive, made me wonder.  He said that everyone who’s in a higher position than that of foreman lives in fear—fear of a superior firing him, or fear of a more competent subordinate taking his job.  I wonder how true this is.  A person who fears his superiors and his subordinates is not going to be very effective in his job, I think.